Advocates In UAE

Advocates In UAE

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As you find yourself mired in numerous legal complications, you need a trusted legal counsel who is well versed with domestic as well as international legal systems.

Whilst there is no dearth of advocates in UAE, Mr Tawfiq Adnan is a force to reckon with in offering an exceptional range of legal solutions to resolve toughest of conundrums to serve you better  resolutions.

Be it a civil, criminal or commercial arena, Mr Tawfiq Adnan has enviable mental acumen, in-depth knowledge and unbeatable expertise to amicably settle as well as strongly defend you to  help you draw favourable legal outcomes.

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Standard Procedure to Provide Legal Services:

Mr Tawfiq Adnan strictly adheres to a well thought-out or calculated approach to effectively deal with each of our clients. The general steps includes:

  • Interview with Client: The first and foremost step is to initiate a thorough discussion with the client to gather all the relevant facts and information about the case. Herein, Mr Tawfiq Adnan strives to build rapport with the client to bring in the desired level of comfort for smooth association.
  • Back End Review: Mr Tawfiq Adnan conducts a thorough background check to verify all the registered details of the concerning case. Building trust is cornerstone of his legal services but that does not negate the possibility of its gross violations as some pursuers attempt to forge the factual information and trap the other side.
  • In-depth Research: Mr. ABC conducts a comprehensive research to explore different possibilities including settlement to resolve disputes without any hindrance. Given the proven record of performance, Mr Tawfiq Adnan asserts to weigh all possible legal options before proceeding to find a feasible set of resolutions.
  • File legal Suit:  As out-of-court settlement fails to bring conflicted parties on the same page, Mr Tawfiq Adnan pursues judiciary to find the most suitable legal outcome in the best interest of the client. Being a dedicated and professional advocate, Mr Tawfiq Adnan employs sharp-edged strategies to draft and file the legal suit.
  • Legal Representation: Mr Tawfiq Adnan provides strong legal representation with resounding backing from existing laws to organically incline the opinion of the judiciary towards the client’s. Considering the numerous hurdles thrown at by the opposition during the court proceedings, Mr Tawfiq Adnan displays complete confidence and conviction in thwarting all the debilitating attempts to live upto the reputation of one of the toughest advocates in UAE.
  • Favorable Closure: Mr Tawfiq Adnan endeavours to optimally all the arguments to win the final judgement within shortest possible court hearings.  If an unforeseen situation, the case fails to go through, Mr Tawfiq Adnan takes upon his shoulder to file the case at higher court for justice to prevail.

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Affordable Legal Guidance

Mr Tawfiq Adnan is very well cognizant of the exorbitant nature of legal services across different industries. However, he demonstrates a rational approach to price each of his legal service as a mark of honoring the sanctity of the profession.

Whilst some charges are unavoidable, Mr Tawfiq Adnan ensures to shorten the duration of the complete legal cycle after filing the suit. In the pursuit of achieving quality legal solution, Mr  Tawfiq Adnan emerges out as a trusted advocate to dither away your legal entanglements of all sorts.

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